1. Does the length of the vehicles on the price list include the tow bar?


It does include the tow bar. The total length shown on the vehicles papers is always used.


2. The annual/monthly fee is paid in advance or in arrears?


Both the annual and/or monthly fee is paid in advance when the caravan enters.


3. What is the method of payment? Cash, cheque or credit card?


Payment can be made by cash or a credit/debit card. Cheques of any kind or money orders are not accepted.


4. If I cannot go on holiday next year, how can I send payment?


You should contact us before the end of the contract and we will give you our bank account details so you can send a wire transfer. Once the transfer is received we will send the renewed contract and relevant invoice by post. However, we often send a letter or email to clients a few days before the end of the contract.






5. Should be always inform you when someone is going to collect out vehicle? How long before?


Yes, it is important to inform us when someone is going to collect the vehicle so we can check and prepare it and reduce the waiting time. Please inform us one week before during the high season and 3 or 4 days before in low season.



6. If we just want to put something in or take something out of the caravan, should we also inform you?


Yes, it is important to inform us as it is not always possible to access the caravan. This way we can position it for access. If possible, 3 days notice is best.

De este modo, os la podremos tirar para adelante para que puedan entrar. A poder ser, mejor avisar con unos 3 días de antelación.


7. When you come to collect the caravan from the campsite, do we have to be at the plot?


No, it is not necessary. You only need to inform the campsite that we are coming to collect your caravan.



8. When you have to take our caravan to the campsite, is it a problem if we have not yet arrived at the campsite?


No. You just have to inform the campsite, it is a good idea to decide on the plot with them and let us know. If the campsite cannot give you a specific plot, please let us know your preferences.



9. Is it obligatory to leave a caravan key with you during the stay at the caravan park?

No, it is optional. However, if any repairs have to be carried out we will need a key.




10. What kind of repairs do you do?

We repair windows, skylights, stabilisers, problems with the water, toilet, bodywork, etc. We also install air conditioning, caravan movers, bike racks, etc.



11. Do you go out to campsites to repair caravans during the summer?

In principle, no. However, you may consult us and we shall see what we can do.



12. Is there a tyre inflating service?

We inflate the tyres every time we prepare the caravan for you. It is free of charge.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us by the contact form, phone or whatsapp.